Do you have a good light transmitter? !

A common question most short filmmakers ask each other after the project is over.
A good broadcaster is someone who has a good understanding of short film 
festivals and markets, knows opportunities well. Move regularly and strategically,
and make the film shine at the right time, at the right time.

In order to continue and be successful, 
the short film needs the return of the filmmakers' capital,
and this will not be possible except in the shadow of the distribution of 
the correct and calculated film.

With extensive experience in this field,
Kakofilm, with the help of experts, tries to define a system in which the
film is presented, broadcast and seen in the best possible way.
1- Recording a movie for playback
2- Film review by Kacofilm
3- Meeting with the filmmaker (presenting predictions and suggestions to the filmmaker)
4- Concluding a contract
5- Preparing and collecting promotional items needed for film distribution
6. Start playing movies
7- Periodic reporting according to the agreement with the filmmaker